Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems



At Walker’s Water Systems, we use the very best equipment and parts in the industry. Our Reverse Osmosis systems do not use chlorination or water softeners for pre-treating the source water.

Our design is a mechanical design, not a chemical design, therefore, should there be a failure within Walker’s Water Systems, it is simpler to replace a part than to adjust chemicals until consistent results are achieved. Knowing that moving parts may eventually fail and have to be replaced, we designed our RO system to be quickly and conveniently repaired with part replacement.


Walker’s Water Systems provides all of its customers with a six-month system service which drastically reduces ill timed and unwanted repairs. During the service call we will also deliver the replacement filters and Anti-Scalent

KNOW THAT              

Our Reverse Osmosis systems are built around the most powerful RO membranes in the industry. Our RO system can handle source water that has up to 5000TDS, (Total Dissolved Solids).

Walker’s Water Systems can produce up to 2400 gallons per day of actual RO water per membrane installed.



System Overview for Walker’s Water Systems’
Higher Pressure Reverse Osmosis

Step 1

Choose Your Pretreatment

Next SandFilter

  • Filter Particle Larger than 5 Micron
  • New Wells & Sediment in Source Water

BIO-Next SandFilter

  • Help Disinfect Bacterial, Algae Water
  • Surface Water, Large Bore Wells

Carbon Filter

  • To De-Chlorinate
  • Municipal Water, Chlorinated Water

Ultra Filtration

  • To Prevent RO from Collidal Solids
  • Surface Water, Large Bore Wells

Hydrogen Peroxide Metered Injection

  • Hydrogen Sulfide, Trouble water
  • Surface Water, Large Bore Wells

Step 2

Choose Your RO System Size
– Future Upgrade Available

2400gpd Output

  • Single Membrane
  • Upgradeable to 4800gpd

4800gpd Upgrade Kit

  • Extra Membrane Kit Doubles 2400gpd
  • Capacity to 4800gpd

7800gpd Output

  • Triple Membrane
  • Upgradeable to 9600gpd

9600gpd Upgrade Kit

  • Extra Membrane Kit Increases 7200 gpd
  • Capacity to 9600gpd

Step 3

Choose Your Storage and Distribution

10gpm Grundfos Constant Pressure Variable Speed Pump

  • Single Home Application

15 gpm Grundfos Constant Pressure Variable Speed Pump

  • Multiple Home Application

1000L (225gal) Storage Tank

  • Standard Storage

Custom Water Tank Storage

  • Many Sizes Available

Step 4

Choose Your Post Treatment

Triple With UV

  • Polish RO Water for 2 Carbon Blocks & Sediment Filter
  • Disinfects with UV Light

Extra Triplex With UV

  • Use for Multiple Homes

Ph Correction

  • Adjusts Ph of RO Water

Contact Walker's Water Systems About Your Free Consultation Today

We Service Every 6 Months

This is what we do …

  1. We bring you more filters for the filter housing and clean the filter bowl
  2. We bring you more Anti-Scalent and fill your Anti-Scalent tank
  3. We change your Triplex filters, disinfect and clean the bowls
  4. We add disinfectant to your water tank to keep your house lines clean
  5. We clean, change, or replace the View Flow Filter and housing
  6. We check the membrane(s) and change when needed

We make sure your system is clean and running like it should. And once a year on the six-month visit …
7. We change the UV light

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